Mountain Hardwear raised $3,930 for The Conservation Alliance at its parking lot sale in November. The company gave a 10 percent discount to any customer that made a $10 donation to The Conservation Alliance. The contribution will help the organization in its ongoing efforts to protect wild places where outdoor customers recreate.

“We are fortunate to work with Mountain Hardwear because they always look for creative ways to support The Conservation Alliance,” said John Sterling, Executive Director of the Alliance.

The November event supplements a similar effort in May, which raised $2,655 for the Alliance. Together, the two initiatives generated $6,585 for the group’s conservation efforts.

“We’re excited that our customers responded so positively to the fundraising effort,” said Mountain Hardwear’s Paige Boucher. “It has always been important to us that we support efforts to protect the wild places for our customers and for wildlife.”

Mountain Hardwear is a long-time Conservation Alliance member with a strong commitment to conservation. In addition to contributing annual dues the Alliance’s grant fund, the company has helped promote environmental causes important to them. Mountain Hardwear regularly features information about conservation efforts in catalogs, and encourages employees to be active in these campaigns.

“We couldn’t ask for a better partner in conservation,” said Sterling, whose group is celebrating several significant conservation successes this year. “Mountain Hardwear has been an important part of everything we’ve accomplished in 2006.”