Thank you to all of the attendees, sponsors, speakers, and panelists from the inaugural 2023 TCA Summit!

Over the course of the Summit, we witnessed the power of collaboration and the collective determination to protect outdoor spaces and wild places. The 2023 Summit united over 200 attendees representing 100 businesses as well as 60 speakers, 19 Grantees, and four partners for an equitable conservation vision for the future.

The three day program emphasized educational panel discussions and workshops that provided a platform for federal leadership and business leaders to uplift topics including climate change, equity, and advocacy. Participants chose from a handful of sessions on topics ranging from tribal-led conservation, to place-based campaigns, to balancing conservation with clean energy. Diverse perspectives were shared and critical issues surrounding environmental conservation were explored, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges we face and how our members are a powerful voice for conservation.

Highlights included a federal panel featuring White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Brenda Mallory, Bureau of Land Management Director Tracy Stone-Manning and Senior Advisor for Climate at the USDA, Sean Babbington, as well as an impactful keynote speaker, Afhel Aziz, whose voice in the global movement of business as a force for good left us inspired and with a renewed sense of purpose.

The Summit offered invaluable networking opportunities from mealtimes to evening campfires and local hikes or fly fishing clinics, allowing attendees to connect with one another, forge new partnerships, and strengthen existing relationships.

Summit participants left the event armed with new skills, relationships, and resources, feeling empowered to take action to protect North America’s outdoor spaces and wild places.

Resources for Attendees

Resources for Attendees

2023 TCA Commitment Form

We left the summit feeling more motivated than ever to work together and serve the people and communities that live, work, and play in North America’s outdoor spaces. To that end, we invite all of our members to commit to support and advocate for the outdoors by selecting at least three actions in our 2023 commitment form.

2023 TCA Summit Attendee Survey

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on the event. Your opinions matter greatly to us as we strive to improve and enhance future events. Please take a few minutes to complete our event survey.

2023 TCA Summit Photo Gallery

We’re happy to share a full gallery of images from the Summit, courtesy of Bergreen Photography. Please use these photos to share your experience through your personal and company accounts and don’t forget to tag The Conservation Alliance (Instagram: @conservationalliance, Facebook: The Conservation Alliance, LinkedIn: The Conservation Alliance) and use #TCA Summit. For photo credit, please use @bergreenphotography @love_adventurously or

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