Roan Plateau Oil and Gas Development Halted… For Now


In April, we sent a grant to the Campaign to Save Roan Plateau to support the group's work to halt proposed oil and gas development on the Roan, a special wild place on Colorado's Western Slope. Last week, we learned from the campaign that they won an eight-month reprieve for the Roan. See below from Colorado Environmental Coalition's Elise Jones: 

"I wanted to share with you the good news that we were able to achieve an eight-month reprieve for the Roan!  The conservation groups like CEC who sued to protect the Roan just reached a big agreement with the oil and gas companies holding the leases:  there will be no drilling or surface disturbing activities allowed on the Roan until next June (at least), in order to allow the court to rule on the merits of our lawsuit (which claims that the BLM's "drill-it-all" plan for the Roan doesn't comply with the law).  In exchange for this protection agreement, we agreed to drop our motion for preliminary injunction, since the agreement gives us what we want.  This is great news, and means that if our lawyers are as good as we think they are, we can still prevail in protecting the Roan!"

Congratulations to the campaign, and stay tuned for future updates!