From Local Harvest:

Most of us start the New Year with good intentions of sticking to our ‘resolutions', but few of us actually ever do. Typically it seems that New Year's Resolutions center around large nebulous topics such as losing weight, getting healthy or increasing our net worth.

This year try making some simple, yet life changing New Year's Resolutions that will benefit you, your family and the environment.
   1. Reuse shopping bags, or better yet, get a durable bag to carry with you to the grocery store and on all your shopping trips.
   2. Take up Organic Gardening using no pesticides. Organic gardening is the perfect way to get fit, save money and grow something new from seed. Growing your own fruit, vegetables and plants in the garden is proven to help reduce stress and you will benefit from the increased wildlife from birds to bees to butterflies in your garden. Digging deep in your garden is good exercise and therapeutic at the same time. Start composting. It minimizes landfill waste and recycles it back into the earth. To buy sustainably grown herbs, perennials and shrubs grown with organic methods, visit StargazerPerennials.com.
   3. Buy locally made and grown products. Support local agriculture and rural economies by shopping at your local farmers market if possible. As an added bonus, locally grown products usually require less packaging and helps to eliminate the environmental costs of long-distance transport. The added bonus is that local fruits and vegetables are often fresher, higher in nutritional value and locally produced goods help support your own community.
   4. Say NO to fast food. Start cooking your own healthy meals and not only will you loose weight, be healthier but you will be saving money while supporting local small farm agriculture. Visit our sister website Farm Fresh Living for healthy, fresh recipes developed at our farm. Know what you eat and where your food comes from!

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