Conservation Alliance Stands Up for

At our August 2008 trade show breakfast, we hosted a talk by renowned writer and activist Bill McKibben who talked about the need to confront global warming by pushing a very simple number: 350. Climate scientists agree that the planet's atmosphere can sustain no more than 350 parts per million of Carbon Dioxide. We are currently at 387 ppm. is committed to raising broad awareness of this critical number prior to the next round of United Nations global warming negotiations. These negotiations are expected to produce a new global climate treaty during a session in Denmark in December 2009.'s goal is to get negotiators to embrace the 350 ppm goal. To help build acceptance of the 350 number, the organization is asking people and groups to do anything they can think of to raise awareness of the number. Conservation Alliance member CamelBak has produced a water bottle with the logo. At our trade show breakfast two weeks ago, we gave each participant one of those bottles, and asked that the group stand with their bottles in the air while we took a photo of the group behind the banner. We like the way it turned out!