Spoil Sports: 7 Activities that Damage the Environment

As an avid skydiver, this didn't necessarily come as news to me – however it did hit home and make me realize how much my hobby effects my carbon footprint…. I do make efforts to carpool to the drop zone, but it is an inescapable fact that some hobbies are better for our environment than others….  check out this article from Treehugger that outlines the 7 worst sports for the environment…


 Not all sports were created equal–at least, not in the eyes of the environment. Some–hiking, running, swimming–represent the best of man in harmony with nature. Others–monster truck rally races, say–are just flat out environmentally offensive, and seem to be little more than a raised middle finger to our global warming-imperiled earth. To consider environmental impact, we need to examine these sports on several different levels: Basketball for example, when played as a neighborhood pickup game, can be nearly as harmless as taking a stroll. But factor in worldwide popularity, hundreds of jet flights every year, and you've got yourself one mega carbon footprint. The following seven spoil sports cause serious damage to the environment:

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