Backyard Collective in Boring, Oregon

A Hearty Group of Volunteers Make it Happen in Boring

Friday May 15, 2009 representatives from KEEN Footwear, Lizard Lounge, REI, Moon Photography, Save our Wild Salmon, Trout Unlimited, Clackamas River Basin Council, WaterWatch and Friends of Boring Trails joined forces to be the first hands on the ground in a new four-acre park in Boring, Oregon. 

The group started the day removing English Ivy and Himalayan Blackberry; tough jobs cutting through the ivy vines that were choking the existing trees and enduring the thorns of the blackberry.  Through perseverance we saved over 50 trees and cleared enough land to reestablish the area with a variety of native species.  We planted over 200 plants including big leaf maple, alder, vine maple, flowering red currant, oregon grape, cascara, western red cedar, sword ferns and service berry.

Another great Backyard Collective and hats off to this hearty group of workers!!!

Next up – Seattle Backyard Collective, May 29 at Lincoln Park.