Photographer James Balog to Present Extreme Ice Survey at Conservation Alliance Breakfast

The Conservation Alliance Breakfast at the January 2010 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market will feature guest speaker James Balog, a renowned photographer and adventurer, and founder of the Extreme Ice Survey. Balog's presentation is a stunning look at the impact abrupt climate change is having on the world's glaciers. The breakfast, which is open to the public, is Friday, January 22, 7:00-8:50 AM at The Marriott in Salt Lake City.

During his presentation, Balog will share stunning images and footage of glaciers melting worldwide. Balog's team has installed 27 time-lapse cameras at 15 sites in Greenland, Iceland, Alaska, and the Rocky Mountains, and has produced dramatic footage of glaciers melting that demonstrates the immediacy of the global warming challenge.

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