United Nations Steps In To Protect The Flathead

Proposed mountaintop removal mining in southeastern British Columbia is threatening one of America’s most endangered rivers and North America’s wildest remaining valley — The Flathead. But the Sierra Club of British Columbia, Canada, a Conservation Alliance grantee, is getting some help from the United Nations in their campaign to protect the Flathead River Valley. Last week, a United Nations committee report recommendeded a moratorium on mining in the Flathead Valley of southeastern B.C. and development of a comprehensive transboundary conservation and wildlife management plan for the area.

The Flathead Valley is comprised of nearly 400,000 acres of wilderness located in southeastern British Columbia, straddling the Canada/U.S. border. Home to the most grizzly bears per acre of anywhere in the interior of North America and the pristine Flathead River, the Flathead Valley is the only unsettled, low-elevation valley of its kind in Western Canada. 

The Sierra Club also partnered up with the International League of Conservation Photographers and conservation filmmakers, the Epicocity Project, to document the wild Flathead with photos and film.

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