Douglas Brinkley to Speak at Conservation Alliance Breakfast

We at The Conservation Alliance are THRILLED to announce that our guest speaker at the Summer 2010 Conservation Alliance Breakfast is historian Douglas Brinkley. Brinkley is one of our most renowned historians, and a prolific writer. He's written or edited books about notable people ranging from Teddy Roosevelt and Rosa Parks to Ronald Reagan and Hunter S. Thompson. He worked with Spike Lee on the documentary When the Levees Broke, about Hurrican Katrina. And President Obama invited him to the White House shortly after the inauguration to discuss history and conservation. Brinkley's talk will trace the arc of conservation in America from Teddy Roosevelt to the modern effort to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Don't miss this one! Wednesday, August 4, 7-9 AM at The Marriott in Salt Lake City. Open to the public.

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