Grantee Weekly Grind: Washington Climbers Coalition One Step Closer to Protecting Lower Index Town Wall

The Washington Climbers Coalition is one step closer to protecting what is arguably the state's best climbing crag. Proposed granite quarrying last year threatened the Lower Town Wall rallying climbers from all over the country to save it. The Conservation Alliance supported this acquisition with a $15,000 grant in April, 2010.

From the Access Fund:

In the spring of 2009, the Access Fund loaned the WCC $15,000 [now paid off] to secure an 18-month option agreement to protect the Lower Index Town Wall and surrounding crags from a quarrying operation. The option agreement protected the area while the WCC worked to raise the $300,000 needed to purchase and steward the 20-acre tract of land.

Over the last year and a half, climbers from all over the nation worked together to raise the funds to purchase the Lower Index Town Wall—fundraising through bouldering competitions, slideshows, and major donor requests. “The community response has been incredible,” says Jonah Harrison of the WCC. “The challenge with Index was not, as we had originally thought, getting people together to work and donate to the cause. It was how to channel all the talent, enthusiasm, and funds people offered.” We are happy to report that WCC has nearly reached its fundraising goal and is well positioned to purchase the property before the December 31, 2010 deadline.

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