Protect Our Winters: Stop Climate Change


Summer is still in full swing, but this video gave us a flurry of excitement for winter… And a kick in the pants to protect our winters. Being a part of the outdoor industry, we have a responsibility to protect our wild places — and that includes protecting them from climate change. For those of us who celebrate with each dump of snow in the mountains, we know it's up to us to make sure we keep that snow falling (and sticking)…

From the Protect Our Winters (POW) video:

"There is just too much at stake for us all not to be doing something. Climate change effects everyone who lives and works in our mountain communities. Climate change is serious business to those of us who depend upon it for our jobs and our livelihoods. We all have a lot at stake, and a powerful voice. We're 16 million strong and together we can protect our winters."

Support POW and take action to protect our winters! Want to do more? Contact your local elected official, and take action to stop climate change and protect the places, and seasons, you love.

Thanks to The North Face for tipping us off on this video!