Take Action to Stop Pebble Mine!

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Last week the Environmental Protection Agency took a big step toward the protection of Bristol Bay from the permitting of the 54-square-mile open-pit Pebble Mine.  Now it’s your turn to take action!

Help Conservation Alliance grantee Trout Unlimited gain support from Federal Representatives and Senators by clicking on the link below and sending a letter to Washington D.C.

Why Protect Bristol Bay?

The largest sockeye and king salmon runs on earth occur each year in the Kvichak and Nushagak rivers, in the wild Bristol Bay region of southwest Alaska. But development of the Pebble Mine could change that over night. Two foreign mining corporations plan to apply this year for government permits to dig a

54-square-mile open-pit giving them access to a mother lode of copper, gold and molybdenum. They’ve spent several hundred million dollars to that end. If they get those permits, their mine will leave behind a lot more than pebbles – rather an estimated 10 billion tons of heavy metals and toxic materials.

The Pebble Partnership assures “respectful resource development,” but last year’s BP oil spill and other lesser environmental disasters demonstrate the inevitable. When the mine’s toxic wastes one day find their way into local waters, the tens of millions of Bristol Bay salmon that today feed the world, and the people of the region who depend on them, will struggle to survive.

More than three quarters of Bristol

Bay-area residents oppose the Pebble Mine. But the State of Alaska refuses to take action to protect the wild rivers, fishing jobs, native cultures and wild salmon threatened by the Pebble Mine. We hope you’ll join us in opposing it, by calling on the federal government to say no to mining interests and instead protect our waters and wetlands in the Bristol Bay watershed.

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