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Companies Applaud Congressman Jared Polis for Legislation to Protect 167,000 Acres


Conservation Alliance member Kim Coupounas speaks in support of Wilderness in Colorado.


Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) re-introduced legislation Friday to protect 167,000 acres of public land in Colorado.  Rep. Polis announced on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver that his Eagle and Summit County Wilderness Preservation Act would designate 82,000 acres of Wilderness and another 84,000 acres of special protected areas in the White River National Forest.

Sixteen Conservation Alliance member companies based or with retail stores in Colorado applauded Rep. Polis' leadership with a letter of support. The group of companies noted that in Colorado, environmental preservation and economic development are inextricably linked.

Colorado-based outdoor industry brands are "part of the active outdoor recreation economy that contributes over $10 billion annually to Colorado's economy and supports over 107,000 jobs across the state," said Kim Coupounas, co-founder of GoLite, a Conservation Alliance member, who spoke at the press conference (above).

"These wild landscapes are what make Colorado the special place that we love," said Congressman Polis. "Preserving our natural resources strengthens the economic resources that support Colorado jobs. We also ensure that generations of Coloradans can enjoy these special places for fun, adventure or just enjoying the peace of the outdoors. That's why this bill, which is the product of months of consensus building, enjoys such broad support."

Please see video of the press conference below. Kim's comments start at the 18:00 mark. Also below is a slide show of the event courtesy of Colorado Environmental Coalition.


Photos: Colorado Environmental Coalition

The Conservation Alliance has supported the Colorado Environmental Coalition for its efforts to build strong local support for the protections included in the bill. For more information, see: www.whiteriverwild.org.