CLIF BAR annouces Meet the Moment – Moments Collected Generate Donations to Protect the Places We Play

Conservation Alliance member, CLIF BAR announced Meet the Moment this week; a celebration of athletic adventures and the places they happen. Whether it's action, adventure or the thrill of the chase, CLIF BAR wants people to share how they Meet the Moment by uploading inspiring photos and stories at

To protect the places people play, CLIF BAR will donate $5 to one of five non-profits dedicated to protecting outdoor places each time someone creates and uploads their first Moment. To further support these conservation and preservation efforts, CLIF BAR will double its contribution to each non-profit if people submit 10,000 Moments by July 31st.  Two of the five non-profits benefiting from Meet the Moment are Conservation Alliance Grantees, Winter Wildlands Alliance and Access Fund.

 How to Post a Moment

Anyone is invited to upload a photo and share their Moment at The Moment can be described in "magnetic poetry style" by choosing from a bank of words that will be placed on top of the photo to create an individualized postcard.  People can also opt to add their own words to their postcard.

Once the postcard is complete, it can be posted to a photo gallery on The gallery is designed to serve as a visual community of people sharing athletic adventures and stories.