Salt Lake City BYC

The Salt Lake City Backyard Collective- A Great Success!!!


The sun was shining and temperatures reached the mid 90's on June 23rd at the Salt Lake City Backyard Collective. But the heat didn't slow down the energetic group of 60+ volunteers who spent an afternoon working hard to fix up the trails and general landscape of Grandeur Peak Open Space. Employees from 3point5,, Black Diamond, Gregory, Hotwax Media, Patagonia, Petzl, and Treasure Mountain Inn were able to install 22 water bars, 10 check dams, and 2 fences. They were also able to clean up the area of invasive plants and filled 14 bags full of myrtle spurge.


The Conservation Alliance partnered with the Save Our Canyons and Salt Lake City Climbers Alliance to organize the service project. After a half day of trail maintenance the volunteers celebrated their hard work with food and drink at Black Diamond's annual fundraising party for The Salt Lake City Climbers Alliance.