Petzl’s Rasmussen Speaks Out for Balance in Utah Public Lands Management


Roody Rasmussen, President of Petzl America, a long-time Conservation Alliance member, wrote an eloquent piece in the Ogden, Utah Standard Examiner asking that Utah's members of Congress recognize the economic value of protected public lands as they deliberate over how to manage lands in their state. In the article, Rasmussen references a letter that 27 Utah-based outdoor industry companies sent to each member of Utah's Congressional delegation asking them "to adopt a balanced, rational approach to protecting Utah's unique and scenic landscapes."

Members of Utah's delegation are leading efforts to deny needed protections for special wildlands in Utah and throughout the US. This despite repeated efforts by outdoor industry companies to demonstrate the economic benefits of outdoor recreation that depends on protected public lands.

Roody writes:

"It's time for… our delegation, to realize Utah has a strong economic interest in protecting, preserving, and enhancing our public lands. The concept that protective designations lock us out of public lands is patently false. To say we are locked out of protected public land is like saying we're locked out of a shopping mall because we can't drive a bulldozer through it.

"Solutions are rarely found at the extremes. If we put partisan politics aside and look at the real facts about what drives our economy, we can work together for balanced management of our public lands that strengthens Utah's economy, provides abundant recreational opportunities for its residents and visitors, and preserves and protects Utah's iconic wildlands for future generations."

Well spoke, Roody!

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