The Condit Dam Breach: A Time-Lapse Video

Last Wednesday, the Condit Dam, on the White Salmon River in southeastern Washington, was breached. For more than 98 years, this 125-foot dam choked off passage to salmon and created a reservoir.  Work to remove this dam began 20 years ago.  In 1992, The Conservation Alliance provided funding to American Whitewater to start the process.  

Filmmaker and Conservation Alliance member, Andy Maser, captured this amazing time-lapse footage of the magnificent breach and the river’s primal tendency to return to its pervious form.

Ecologists are hopefully that the dam breach and resulting increase in water flow will restore the White Salmon River to the habitat it once was for fish, aquatic organisms, birds and mammals.

To learn move about this dramatic breach and the efforts put forth to make it possible, visit White Salmon Restored and American Whitewater.