To The Arctic: Fighting for this is essential.


                                                                                                     Photo: Florian Schulz                          

"My connection to the environment is something very emotional; it comes from the heart for me especially now that I have become a dad."

Last Friday morning, Florian Schulz, wildlife photographer and passionate conservationist, spoke at The Conservation Alliance Breakfast in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Staying true to the Breakfast's moto, Arrive Tired, Leave Inspired, Florian moved us all with his words and his images.

"I hope we can keep this planet the way it is for a while longer…. Fighting for this is essential."

Chris Kasser, writing for Elevation Outdoors, caught up with Florian directly after the breakfast and posted his interview here.

To learn more about the efforts to Save The Arctic and ways to take action, visit the Alaska Wilderness League here.