Outstanding Partnerships: KEEN and Oregon Wild; Redefining Corporate Engagement

Photo: Daniel Pierce

KEEN has redefined what corporate engagement means for Oregon Wild.  While many large companies tend to shy away from controversial issues, KEEN dives right in.  KEEN has used its resources and contacts in Portland, OR to both support Oregon Wild's efforts and draw new supporters into the organization.

KEEN has been incredibly involved with Oregon Wild, providing both financial and organizational support.  KEEN awarded Oregon Wild a two year, $10,000 grant directed toward advertising, recruiting and training volunteers to lead the Oregon Wild Hikes Program.  The Hikes Program connects the general public with places Oregon Wild is working to protect and providing exposure to wild land advocacy to a large cross-section of people.

KEEN has also contributed incentives to new and continuing supporters of Oregon Wild, providing KEEN shoes as a reward to volunteers and donors who make a significant commitment of time or financial support.

KEEN has held a number of community events for Oregon Wild and provided discounts at their Portland retail store, "The Garage", as a way to drive attendance to these events.  During one such event, KEEN used social media channels to promote Oregon Wild's work by offering customers the opportunity to make a donation by simply saying "Oregon Wild" at checkout.  This week-long campaign netted more than $2,000 in contributions.

KEEN has also been a leader in using their business voice to stress the importance of protected wild places for a healthy economy.  KEEN has been able to educate other Portland-based businesses and grown support for organizations like Oregon Wild around the region.

KEEN's engagement with Oregon Wild is an example of how companies can leverage their resources and connections to support conservation work on every level.