Everest Textile: The Triple Bottom Line

Everest Textile Eco-Industrial Park

Conservation Alliance member and textile manufacturer, Everest Textile Co., LTD, have devoted themselves to “Co-creating Triple-Bottom-Line.”

They believe that caring about and helping others; and protecting our wild places is good for business. Everest is a global innovation-sustainability solution provider of textiles to the outdoor industry and they take the responsibility of corporate citizenship very seriously; working diligently to make their business a model of sustainability.

Everest’s focus on sustainability started with reducing energy consumption (an economic aspect) and reducing their carbon footprint (an environmental aspect), but has since extended further to include social justice and integrity (a social aspect). Everest aims to achieve “Triple-Bottom-Line” from these three sustainable perspectives: Economy, Environment and Society.

Everest is a market leader and has been rewarded for these efforts – receiving a number of awards from the Taiwanese government including the Taiwan Green Benchmarking Award, the Green Factory Award (including the certification and recognition of green buildings and cleaner production), and receiving final confirmation for the Everest Textile Eco-Industrial Park as the Sight-seeing Factory.

To learn more about Everest Textile Co. and their commitment to a sustainable future, click here to check out their Sustainability Report.

Everest Natural Education Farm

Everest Show Room

Roger Yeh (left), President of Everest, received the Green Factory Award from Ministry Economics Affairs of Taiwan