Favorites on Friday: Downeast Lakes Land Trust Celebrates!

Photo: Mark Berry

In 2011, The Conservation Alliance funded Downeast Lakes Land Trust’s West Grand Lake Community Forest Campaign to permanently protect 21,700 acres as a community forest.

On Tuesday, December 18th, the acquisition of a conservation easement on this land was announced. This easement includes 17 miles of shoreline on West Grand, Big, and Lower Oxbrook lakes, along with frontage on Big Musquash Stream and conserves 1/4 mile on the west side of Grand Lake Stream above Big Falls. This is a major milestone in the West Grand Lake Community Forest Project.

“Grand Lake Stream has a rich heritage as a destination for outdoor recreation,” said Mark Berry, Executive Director of Downeast Lakes Land Trust. “By permanently conserving these lands, and guaranteeing they will always be open to the public for recreation, we’re protecting that heritage and a way of life for future generations.”

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