The Story to Save the Gaviota Coast Forever


In just over two generations, 280 of the 300 miles of southern California's once unspoiled coastline have been lost to development, FOREVER. Only 20 miles of coastline remain undeveloped and unprotected — for every generation that follows us.


Twenty men, for twenty years, for twenty miles… This is the story of the Surfrider Foundation, Santa Barbara Chapter's epic struggle to preserve the Gaviota Coast – southern California's last remaining stretch of unspoiled, rural coastline. For twenty years, twenty men have withstood a slew of deep-pocket developers, major corporations, and elected officials in their effort to protect the Gaviota Coast's incredible biodiversity and unparalleled scenic beauty.

"The Twenty" is an inspiring story of ordinary people, fueled by their passion and their love, who stand together against improbable odds to defend one of California's last great places.

To learn more about how to get involved and protect the Gaviota Coast, visit Surfrider and The Twenty.