Favorites on Friday: Sally Jewell Gets the Job

Guest Post by Tom Flynn, Outdoor Alliance

On Wednesday,  Sally Jewell was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the next Secretary of the Interior. After all the speculation and the grueling confirmation hearing, it ended with more of a whimper than a bang. Wedged in between continuous speeches about gun control, Senators Wyden and Murkowski endorsed Ms. Jewell for the job, followed by Washington Senators Murray and Cantwell. All the statements were supportive, but not new – one Senator even trotted out the old joke about Ms. Jewell having to fill the large cowboy boots of out-going Secretary Ken Salazar. The final vote was 87 to 11. Now that she is confirmed, Secretary Jewell can get to work managing all the divergent aspects of our public lands. With her personal and professional commitment to outdoor recreation, this is good news for all of us.

Watch Jewell's confirmation hearing openning remarks here.


Watch President Obama's nomination of Sally Jewell here

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