Take Action Tuesday: The Boardman – A River Reborn

Brown Bridge Pond After Dam Removal

Brown Bridge Pond Before Dam Removal

We funded Conservation Resource Alliance's Boardman River Dams Project to remove three dams and restore 15 river miles resulting in a free flowing and reborn Boardman River, benefiting the fishery, the community and the efforts of other communities to remove similar dams.

Returning a cold-water, blue ribbon designated trout stream to a more natural state after over 100 years of man-made manipulation is no small task. The Conservation Resource Alliance, acting as contracted Project Manager, has successfully led the Boardman Dams Implementation Team through the complex process of removing Brown Bridge Dam on the Boardman River in northwest Michigan. Constructed in 1921, Brown Bridge Dam was the first of three historic hydro-electric dams on this northern Michigan gem slated for removal. Set in motion nearly a decade ago, this massive community driven project consumed a total of 21,270 man hours, equal to 14 people every day for 5 months, to complete the construction phase of this initiative.

After the successful removal of the Brown Bridge Dam, Conservation Resource Alliance restored 2.5 river miles and 12.2 acres of previously inundated floodplain. CRA now turns its attention to removing Boardman and Sabin dams.