Outstanding Partnership Stories: Columbia Sportswear & ForestEthics

Refineries using fuel from Canada's Tar Sands threaten heart and lung health in US communities. Tar Sands mining in Canada rips up Boreal forest. Throughout its life cycle, Tar Sands produces much more global warming pollution than conventional oil. 

And that's why ForestEthics (and many others) are very grateful for Columbia Sportswear's collaboration in developing a Tar Sands policy at their company. The company's connection to the Tar Sands lies in the transportation fuel that its transportation providers use to move finished products from port of manufacturer to the company's distribution centers and eventually to wholesale customers and end consumers around the world. Now, as part of its regular process for selecting ocean, rail and land transportation providers, Columbia Sportswear asks providers to disclose their efforts to avoid high-impact fuels, such as those from Canada's Tar Sands. 

Columbia Sportswear's action is part of growing trend among some very influential opinion leaders and economic actors, a trend that now includes 19 major US brands. That trend says loud and clear that we don't need Tar Sands pipelines or refineries for a product whose biggest customers – transportation providers – are being discouraged from using by their largest customers – companies like Columbia Sportswear.