Favorites on Friday: Earthworks Shares Great News!

This just in from Earthworks!

We are thrilled to announce that the Interior Department has approved mineral withdrawals for the Wild and Scenic Chetco and Illinois Rivers in southwest Oregon.  

On Thursday, July 24, the Interior Department signed the 5-year mineral withdrawal  for the Wild and Scenic Chetco River, providing interim protection for almost the entire length of the river from mining or claim-staking while Congress considers legislation (Oregon Treasures Act) that would provide permanent protection.  Last month, the Interior approved a 20-year extension of the mineral withdrawal on the Illinois River, just three days before the previous withdrawal was set to expire.  

With their crystal clear waters, big salmon, and wild backcountry, the Wild and Scenic Chetco and Illinois Rivers are great American treasures.  Thank you for your support for these important issues.

Photo: Chetco River, Ann Vileisis