Take Action Tuesday: Act Now to Protect the Boulder-White Clouds

Take Action and ask President Obama to designate the Boulder-White Clouds as a national monument! The Boulder-White Clouds are Idaho at its best-stunning beauty, clear water and rich wildlife habitat.

For decades, Idahoans have worked to conserve these mountains and strike a balance between protection, access and responsible use.

That vision should move forward and our leaders in Washington, DC, should take note. This pristine land must be used wisely and left whole and healthy for our kids and grandkids.

Idaho's public lands-especially amazing places like the Boulder-White Clouds-are important to Idahoans and all Americans. It's our responsibility to make sure they remain pristine and beautiful long into the future. 

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Click here to learn more about Idaho Conservation League's efforts to protect the Bould-White Clouds

Photo: Boulder White Clouds, Idaho by John McCarthy