Take Action Tuesday: Tell Congress to Reopen Parks

On October 1, 2013, the federal government shut down due to a budget impasse in Congress and the inability to come to an agreement with each other and the president on funding for the government at the start of a new fiscal year. This shutdown has huge consequences for the National Park System and for the Outdoor IndustryAll 401 national park sites are closed. 

Park visitor centers, bathrooms, concession stands, and other facilities are closed. Educational programs and special events are expected to be canceled, permits issued for special activities rescinded, hotels and campgrounds emptied, and entrances secured. Not only are family vacations and school field trips being jeopardized, but the economic well-being of the communities and businesses whose livelihoods depend on national parks is being put in limbo. Learn more.

Take Action: Click here to tell your Senators and Representatives to re-open national parks and to fund them adequately.