MEC, KEEN Canada and CPAWS Raising Money to Protect Threatened Habitats

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) and KEEN Canada are working with Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) to raise money during “WEEK for the WILD,” a campaign to increase awareness of species and risk, and the need to protect their threatened habitat. MEC and Keen each pledged to contributed up to $2,000 in matching donations to help raise money for the campaign.
The featured habitat for the woodland caribou is Yukon’s Peel Watershed, a project funded four times by The Conservation Alliance. The woodland caribou was once found everywhere in North America, but today they are confined primarily to Canada’s northern Boreal Forest. The Peel Land Use Planning Commission recommended protecting 80% of the Peel Watershed, allowing for careful development of the remaining 20%. CPAWS is encouraging the government to adopt this plan in order to permanently protect this watershed, a critical habitat for the woodland caribou.
If CPAWS meets the $4,000 fundraising goal, the CEO’s of both MEC and Keen Canada will dress up as CPAWS mascots on Halloween, the last day of the campaign.  We are proud to see these members working with CPAWS on this creative campaign, and we look forward to posting photos of Bou the caribou and Baleen the humpback whale.