Success Announcement: Muir Valley Climbing Area

Jennifer Morgan

We are thrilled to announce another conservation victory:  Access Fund, in partnership with Friends of Muir Valley, raised $200,000 for stewardship of this popular crag.  Once this fundraising goal was reached, the landowner agreed to donate this 300-acre world-class climbing destination in the Red River Gorge of Kentucky.
40,000 people visit this forested valley every year, so it is no surprise that individual donations account for 85% of the total amount raised.  The $200,000 fundraising goal was reached in just nine months, which included a partial grant from The Conservation Alliance in 2014.
The current owners spent 11 years and over $1 million turning this area into a sustainable climbing resource for future generations to enjoy.  Ownership of Muir Valley will be transferred to Friends of Muir Valley in March 2015, ensuring the long-term stewardship of this crag.