Ambassador Spotlight: George Thoma, Athlete Sponsorship Coordinator at Clif Bar & Company

Conservation Alliance Ambassadors are key influencers and leaders in the outdoor industry, and they serve as a conduit for spreading the word about Conservation Alliance programs and grantee activities within their respective companies.  They volunteer their time, going above and beyond the duties of their full-time jobs at member companies.  Our ambassadors are passionate outdoor enthusiasts, and exceptional people. Today, we’d like you to meet George Thoma, Athlete Sponsorship Coordinator at Clif Bar & Company. 
What made you want to be an Ambassador for The Conservation Alliance?
I wanted to become a Conservation Alliance ambassador to help educate Clif Bar and Company employees on all the great work the Alliance does. Through my position in sports marketing, I am exposed to a lot of their impact through my professional relationships, but not everyone at the company has as much visibility. It is really satisfying for me to share the successes of The Conservation Alliance with people in all departments of the company.

What areas of conservation are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about preserving open space from development or being compromised by resource extractions. I feel very privileged to have grown up with a solid base of outdoor activities and I want those opportunities to remain viable for my kids and all future generations.

Favorite outdoor activity?

My favorite outdoor activity is cycling. Any bike, any place, any bike ride is a good ride. Whenever I can, I like to link up roads and trails to make for a nice long day in the saddle exploring the wild areas just outside of the city.

Favorite Wilderness or National Park?

Being a Clif Bar ambassador for The Conservation Alliance has really allowed me to combine two of my biggest passions – the outdoors and endurance sports. As such, my favorite Wilderness and Parks are tied to athletic endeavors there. I have a strong connection to Zion National Park after a 14 hour run/hike from one end of the park to the other. I also fell in love with the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho after a weeklong mountain bike trip to the area. Those two places have lots of great memories not just because of their uniqueness and beauty, but because of the great adventures I had.
Most eye opening experience for the need of conservation.
I don’t have one specific galvanizing moment, but I volunteer at my daughter’s school as a garden docent, and seeing the kids interact with the land has been a powerful experience. It has shown me how important a connection to nature is for understanding ourselves and the impact we have on the greater system surrounding us. I hope, through the work of The Conservation Alliance, we can continue to protect precious outdoor monuments so they may be ready for the kids of today to explore once they move past the school yard garden.
End Quote: Words of motivation to get others inspired.
Do what you can and be proud to know you are making a difference. We all support conservation in many different personal ways, and they are all valuable. Most of all, get outside and visit some of these places we are all working to save, then try to imagine a world without them.