Cairn, The Gear Fix, and The Conservation Alliance Partner to Do Good with Retired Gear

Press Release
Cairn, best known for curating subscription boxes that help outdoor enthusiasts discover innovative products, announced their Gear Up, Give Back™ program, set to launch in Spring 2018. In partnership with The Gear Fix, an outdoor equipment repair and consignment shop, the program makes it easy for Cairn Subscribers, or anyone with gear to spare, to donate their retired items to benefit the preservation of wild places through The Conservation Alliance.
“The inspiration for this program came from a dilemma that both the Cairn Team and our Subscribers have shared,” said Cairn Co-Founder, Rob Little. “We get a thrill from discovering innovative new gear, which means we end up retiring some of our equipment simply because we’ve moved on to something that works better for us. We’re excited to team up with another Bend, Oregon based company, The Gear Fix, to keep retired gear out of landfills, help others get outdoors, and raise funds for a cause we believe in.”
The Gear Up, Give Back program will officially launch this spring with the inclusion of a Gear Up, Give Back Kit in every Monthly Cairn Collection. The kit will include a large polybag mailer and shipping label, which subscribers will simply fill with gear they no longer use and place it in the mail. The Gear Fix will make any necessary repairs to the items received and place them for sale in their shop. The net proceeds of each sale will be matched by Cairn and The Gear Fix and donated to The Conservation Alliance. “Our in-house repair shop can fix just about anything, so don’t throw it out or let it sit around in your garage. Send it in and let us do some good with it,” encouraged Josh Sims, owner of The Gear Fix.
The Conservation Alliance, also based in Bend, engages outdoor businesses to fund and partner with organizations to protect wild places for their habitat and recreation values. “This is a creative way to engage the outdoor community in paying it forward, both by contributing to the conservation of the wild places that they enjoy and by giving gear a second life with another outdoor enthusiast. We’re thrilled to be a part of it,” said John Sterling, Executive Director of The Conservation Alliance.
Cairn’s goal is to have Gear Up, Give Back become a permanent fixture in their business. “Our community of Subscribers are passionate about the outdoors and supporting others getting out there,” said Little. “We’re excited to see the impact that we can have together.”
Anyone with gear to spare can participate in the Gear Up, Give Back program by requesting a kit at