Grantee Progress Reports

Jack Schlinkert

In October 2017, The Conservation Alliance invested $700,000 in grassroots conservation organizations. Each grant went to a project working to secure permanent protection for a specific threatened wild place. We direct organizations to use our funding over the course of a 12-month period. At the end of the grant period, we ask each group for a 12-month final report. These reports play a key role in helping us determine the return on our investment.
Conservation Alliance grantees funded in the last 12 months reported six conservation victories, permanently protecting 34,173 acres and one climbing area. 
On October 1, we received 18 final reports. Following is a summary of the progress our grantees have made with our funding. At the end of this summary are several exciting updates on work we funded in April 2018.  We will share final reports on all of our April 2018 grants in April 2019.  Download the progress report summaries here.

Final Reports from October 2017 Grantees

Notable Updates from April 2018 Grantees