Introducing Our Newest Grantees

Header Photo: Ken Takata / @kentakataphoto


Our Winter 2021 grant cycle is complete! We have awarded a total of $938,000 to 21 grassroots organizations working to protect North America’s wild places. 
Four groups received Conservation Alliance funding for the first time: Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition for their effort to complete the Tribally-led Land Management Plan for 1.9 million acres located in Southeastern Utah; Open Space Institute for their effort to address systemic lack of public access by acquiring 930 acres and designating the Black River State Park and Water Trail in South Carolina; Continental Divide Trail Coalition for their work to close the final funding gap that secures permanent public access to the entire Continental Divide Trail through state lands in New Mexico; and The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County to acquire and protect the 1,715-acre Santa Rita Ranch in California.
Each project that received funding during this grant cycle was nominated to submit a proposal by a Conservation Alliance member company. The Conservation Alliance staff and board evaluated all of the proposals and placed the top 25 projects that match our funding criteria on a ballot. The 21 grants awarded in this grant cycle represent the projects that received the most votes from Conservation Alliance member company employees.


Winter 2021 Grant Recipients:

American RiversProtecting Western Montana’s Last Best Wild Rivers — $50,000
American Whitewater: Western Rivers Conservation — $50,000
Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition: Tribally Led Land Management Planning Activities — $50,000
California Wilderness Coalition: Northwest California Mountains and Rivers and Central Coast Wild Heritage Campaigns — $50,000
Central Oregon Landwatch: Skyline Forest Protection Project — $30,000
Columbia Land Trust: Wildboy Forest and Kwoneesum Dam Removal — $50,000
Conservation ColoradoColorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act (CORE) Campaign — $50,000
Conservation Lands Foundation: Campaign for the Gila River, Wild and Scenic —$27,000
Continental Divide Trail Coalition: CDT New Mexico State Land Acquisition Easement Project — $45,000
Northeast Wilderness Trust: Grafton Forest Wilderness Preserve — $45,000
Open Space Institute: Black River Conservation: Conserving a Linchpin Property to Establish a New State Park — $50,000
Oregon Wild: An Historic Opportunity to Protect Oregon’s Rivers and Public Lands — $50,000
Outdoor Alliance: Protecting North Carolina’s Mountain Treasures — $50,000
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership: Protecting the Oregon Owyhee Canyonlands: Sportsmen for the Owyhee — $38,000
The Wilderness Society Colorado: Gunnison Public Lands Initiative — $45,000
The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County: Santa Rita Ranch Conservation Project — $45,000
Trout Unlimited Alaska: Durable Protections for Bristol Bay — $50,000
Virginia Wilderness Committee: Shenandoah Mountain National Scenic Area Campaign — $23,000
Washington Wild: North Cascades Puget Sound Headwaters Campaign — $40,000
Wild Salmon Center: Tillamook Legacy Campaign — $50,000
Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative: Protecting British Columbia’s Upper Columbia Region — $50,000


Image grid, clockwise from top left: Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition – Hotel Rock by Tim Peterson; Open Space Initiative – Black River State Park by Mac Peters; The Land Conservancy of San Luis Opisbo County – Kaila Dettman; Continental Divide Trail Coalition – Dan Carter