Hunters & Anglers for the Brooks Range

Brooks Range
Photo: Aaron Hitchins
Hunters & Anglers for the Brooks Range
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

Located in Alaska’s Arctic region, the Brooks Range is the largest intact ecosystem remaining in the United States. Home to some of Alaska’s most iconic fish and wildlife, these extraordinary public lands and waters are wild and vast, providing for rural subsistence and world-class recreation. Despite the area’s importance in its natural state, development interests are seeking to construct a 211-mile industrial corridor across the remote central Brooks Range to access undeveloped mineral deposits near the renowned Kobuk River. The proposed Ambler Industrial Road—along with at least four reasonably foreseeable open-pit mines—presents unacceptable risks to important fish and caribou habitat, dozens of rural communities, and the wild and remote character of the Brooks Range that is treasured by the outdoor recreation community.

The TRCP launched Hunters & Anglers for the Brooks Range in 2023 to galvanize sportsmen and sportswomen across the nation to prevent the Ambler Road. The growing collective of more than 40 hunt-fish brands, Alaska-based businesses, and conservation groups is successfully broadening the base of bipartisan opposition to the Ambler Road. The TRCP will continue to engage hunters and anglers to defend the Brooks Range while coordinating with partners and allies to jointly develop strategies to revoke the permit for the Ambler Road. The Bureau of Land Management is expected to issue a final environmental review and a permitting decision in 2024.