Ruby Mountains Protection Campaign

Ruby Mountains
Photo: Larry Spradlin
Ruby Mountains Protection Campaign
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

In 2019, TRCP and Trout Unlimited launched Sportsmen for the Rubies, a coalition of 14 hunt-fish organizations. That year, Senator Cortez Maso introduced the Ruby Mountains Protection Act, which aims to protect all current multiple uses in the area, including mining, while prohibiting oil and gas leasing. This legislation was reintroduced in 2021 and 2023. TRCP and partners continue to hold education meetings with lawmakers at all levels, have generated 14,000 support letters, and gained support from extractive industries and agricultural interests in the area. TRCP has also cultivated a working relationship with the Te-Moak Tribe to help advance their priorities within this campaign. An administrative mineral withdrawal is also being considered by the Secretary of the Interior that would remove the potential to develop fluid minerals in the Ruby Mountains for 20 years and help build momentum toward a permanent legislative withdrawal.