Save Skyline Forest

Central Oregon LandWatch
Photo: James Parsons
Save Skyline Forest
Central Oregon LandWatch

Known as Bend and Sister’s backyard, Skyline Forest is a massive, intact, and beloved landscape encompassing 33,000-acres of privately owned forest land. It is surrounded by state and federal lands. Climate-fueled drought and wildfire make protecting and proactively managing landscapes like Skyline critical. Its green Cascade foothills are critical habitat for iconic migratory species like mule deer and elk. Snowmelt provides an influx of clean, cold water into the Deschutes River system, which sustains the fish, wildlife, and people who call this place home.The region’s quality of life is directly connected to this landscape. Locals and visitors alike come to Skyline for its world-class cycling, trail running, horseback riding, birding, wildlife viewing, and breathtaking panoramic views.

There is an acute effort to save Skyline from large-scale, luxury development. To engage the community, Central Oregon LandWatch has created and rolled out the “Faces of Skyline Forest” video project featuring the diversity of voices and people that cherish this outdoor space.