Stand Tall Oregon Campaign

Wild Salmon Center
Photo: Brady Holden
Stand Tall Oregon Campaign
Wild Salmon Center

Western Oregon state forests span 634,000 acres, the majority of which comprise the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests located between Portland, Oregon, and the Pacific Ocean. It is a center of biodiversity; home to over seventeen endangered or at-risk species, and is part of one of the most important ecosystems for carbon sequestration. In addition to providing clean drinking water for over 500,000 Oregonians, the area is also a globally important salmon stronghold. This region draws salmon and steelhead anglers from around the country and provides excellent opportunities for hiking, hunting, biking, and camping, driving a $550 million outdoor economy. For decades, the region has been managed for industrial timber production, including ongoing clearcutting of older forests.

Over the last ten years, Wild Salmon Center has led a coalition of conservation and fishing organizations to strengthen protections in the Tillamook and advocate for a more balanced forest management plan. In 2018, the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF), in consultation with federal agencies, began developing a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP). To counter negative pressure from the timber industry, the coalition launched its Stand Tall media campaign and worked to educate the public and community leaders. In 2025, the Board of Forestry will be faced with the final decision of whether to adopt the HCP. WSC will continue to lead the State Forest Coalition to bolster grassroots and grasstops engagement and to demonstrate strong support for a finalized HCP.