Success Story 2018

Klickitat Canyon Forest Acquisition

Photo: Dennis Wiancko
Klickitat Canyon Forest Acquisition
Columbia Land Trust
3,200 acres protected

Columbia Land Trust acquired 3,200 acres in Washington’s Klickitat Canyon. This completes the second phase of a 5,600-acre project protecting forestland of high importance for recreation, wildlife, and habitat connectivity along the Wild and Scenic Klickitat River, Washington State’s longest undammed river.  The forested stretch of river, basalt canyon, and upland terrain connects the Yakama Nation Indian Reservation, the Gifford Pinchot National Forest-Mount Adams Recreation Area, and the Klickitat Canyon Washington State Natural Resource Conservation Area. It provides critical habitat for a wide variety of species, including salmon and steelhead, nesting peregrine falcon and golden eagle, mountain goat, and both mule and black-tailed deer.