Success Story 2017

Kona Cloud Forest Acquisition

Kona Cloud Forest, Photo: Janet Britt
Kona Cloud Forest Acquisition
Hawaiian Islands Land Trust
10 acres protected

In 2016, we awarded a $35,000 grant to the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (HILT) to protect a 10 acre parcel in the Kona Cloud Forest, located on the big island of Hawaii. In 2017, HILT acquired the easement which protects the forest and other conservation values of the property, restricting additional subdivision and development of the land. 
The Kona Cloud Forest is rich in flora and fauna. With a large ohia forest, ieie vines, hāpuʻu ferns, varieties of palms, bamboo, flowers, and native plant species, it’s an incredibly lush landscape. It also serves as a sanctuary for a variety of native birds including rare species. In addition to providing critical habitat, the Kona Cloud Forest is a peaceful and scenic place. It is also used by local educators as a living classroom for organized educational programs and field trips emphasizing the importance of protecting tropical ecosystems.