Success Story 2023

Nestwood Forest

Nestwood Forest
Photo: R. Dennis Wiancko
Nestwood Forest
Columbia Land Trust
820 acres protected

The Nestwood Forest spans Ross Mountain and Howard Canyon, just east of Corbett, Oregon, and is only half an hour’s drive from the Portland-Vancouver metro area. Until recently, this was the largest privately owned forest in the county and was at risk of being divided and developed. Over the last 20 years, Columbia Land Trust built a relationship with the landowners and in November 2022, this 820-acre of land was designated for permanent protection.

Columbia Land Trust protected this important landscape through three transactions: a 405-acre fee acquisition, a 382-acre conservation easement, and a 32-acre fee donation. The Land Trust will conduct various stewardship projects in the area in order to restore the health of the landscape and initiate a community engagement plan, prioritizing outreach to Indigenous and other marginalized communities, to increase local connections with the Forest.

The proximity to both the Columbia River and the National Scenic Area make this an especially important conservation win because it extends wildlife corridors and protected landscapes, fosters climate resilience, and increases water quality. The Forest has a diverse array of wildlife, including birds, coyotes, and black bears, and is home to trees that are over 100 years old.