Success Story 2022

North Cascades – Washington State Wilderness Campaign

The Wilderness Land Trust
Photo: Brad Borst
North Cascades – Washington State Wilderness Campaign
The Wilderness Land Trust
630 acres protected

The Wilderness Land Trust is celebrating the successful protection of 630 acres of privately owned property within federally designated wilderness areas. The protected lands were all acquired or transferred as part of the organization’s North Cascades – Washington State Wilderness Campaign.

With The Conservation Alliance support, the Trust is celebrating the acquisition of seven parcels, three of which were transferred inholdings. With the transfer, these lands have been protected as federally designated wilderness and the threat of private development has been removed.

The completed acquisitions and transfers in 2022 include:

  1. 39-acre Lockwood Lode
  2. 12-acre Jumbo Lode
  3. 280-acre Greater New York Lode
  4. Transfer of a 236-acre inholding property in the Juniper Dunes Wilderness
  5. Transfer of a 28-acre parcel known as Jumbo/Mt. Vernon Lode
  6. Transfer of the 20-acre Jasperson Lode, a new addition to the Wild Sky Wilderness
  7. 15-acre West Seattle Lode claim within the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness

In mining the term ‘lode’ refers to a deposit of ore, and the names of these properties reflect their history of mineral exploration or mining. By acquiring these parcels, and eventually transferring them to public ownership, the Trust has removed the threat of mining and logging of old growth forest, protecting these lands for future generations. This spectacular landscape is located only an hour from Seattle, providing close to home recreation opportunities for the city’s diverse residents.

This is fantastic news for Washington’s wildlife and habitat, as well as for all people who depend on the clean air and water that these lands provide. These unique landscapes leave those who visit them inspired and reveling in their raw beauty. Thanks to the work of The Wilderness Land Trust they will remain wild and free, now and for future generations.