Success Story 2024

Protecting Molok Luyuk

Milky Way from Condor Ridge
Photo: Bob Wick
Protecting Molok Luyuk
13,696 acres

In April 2024, President Biden protected over 13,500 acres of public lands sacred to the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation by expanding Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument to include Molok Luyuk. Molok Luyuk, “Patwin for Condor Ridge,” safeguards public lands, critical wildlife corridors, and biodiversity in the face of a changing climate. Located just north of Sacramento, the Berryessa Snow Mountain Area is a key destination for access to nature for many. Expanding the current national monument improves access to the outdoors for local communities, offering opportunities to hike, mountain bike, camp, and use off-highway vehicles (OHV’s).

TCA grantee, Tuleyome, has worked to protect Berryessa Snow Mountain for decades; first achieving success with the initial designation of Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument in 2015. This designation protected over 330,000 acres of Forest Service and BLM Land. The addition of Molok Luyuk to Berryessa honors the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation who seek tribal co-management of these ancestral homelands. Protecting the entirety of Berryessa Snow Mountain is a win for tribes, local communities, and the outdoor recreation industry.

The expansion of both San Gabriel Mountains and Berryessa Snow Mountain contributes to President Biden’s seven national monument designations during his first term as president.

Molok Luyuk, is one of several monument proposals supported by Mobilizing for Monuments.