Alliance Grantee NWP supports SWIP line – Awesome Thru-Hiker story!

Thru-hiker and Patagonia employee Adam Bradley is putting his talents to work on an unusual project: He has teamed up with the Nevada Wilderness Project  (NWP) to hike the 501-mile route of a renewable energy line in eastern Nevada. Called the Southwest Intertie Project–or SWIP line–it will run between Jerome County, Idaho and just north of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Construction of the line will begin this summer.  Adam is about one-third of the way into his journey; he is walking north to south and will complete the "SWIP Trip," as they're calling it, in about 15 days. He is averaging about 30-33 miles per day.

Adam is one of the most accomplished thru-hikers in the U.S. He and Scott Williamson hold the record for the fastest Pacific Crest Trail hike, finishing the 2,655 miles of the PCT in 65 days, 9 hours and 58 minutes, averaging 40.5 miles per day. Adam lives and works in Nevada at Patagonia's distribution center in Reno.  You can read all about the SWIP Trip and Adam's progress on the Nevada Wilderness Project's blog: