Bay Area Backyard Collective a Sunny Success


More than 70 employees from Conservation Alliance member companies based in the San Francisco Bay Area converged on the Presidio for the Second Annual Bay Area Backyard Collective. The group task…WEEDING and that they did. Overall the group removed 76 bags of invasive plant species or the equivalent of 4 full pick up trucks of radish, poison hemlock, bur clover, italian wild rye, chickweed, stinkwort, and ripgut grass. 

Participants came from: Ahnu; CamelBak; CLIF Bar; Mountain Hardwear; Patagonia; The Forest Group; and The North Face. Huge thanks go to Deanna Lloyd (The Forest Group), Brook Shinsky (The North Face), California Wilderness Coalition and Golden Gate National Park Conservancy for organizing the event.

We are planning additional Backyard Collective events in San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Bend, Boulder and elsewhere. Click here for details.