Conservation Stories: Clif Bar Promotes Bikes to Fight Climate Change

Photo by Bernat Casero 

The work at Conservation Alliance wouldn't be possible without all of our outdoor industry brand members. But a lot of them aren't only involved with Conservation Alliance; many of our member brands are committed to a diverse variety of environmental causes. Every Thursday we'll be featuring a cross-post from one of our member companies to highlight the causes that they're active in. Today we're celebrating member company Clif Bar for their efforts in the 2 Mile Challenge, an interactive campaign to lower CO2 emissions through bicycle advocacy. 



New this year, CLIF BAR is encouraging riders to find strength and inspiration in numbers by joining one of three 2 Mile Challenge teams. Each team represents a non-profit organization that fights climate change or promotes bicycling advocacy. The three non-profits will each receive a $25,000 grant from CLIF BAR.


As a bonus incentive, the team that acquires the most points by October 31 will earn an additional $25,000 grant from CLIF BAR for its non-profit organization. Points will be awarded for: 1) registering for a team and linking personal Facebook accounts to the 2 Mile Challenge site, 2) issuing bike-riding challenges for yourself and friends, 3) logging trips completed on the 2 Mile Challenge site, and 4) logging trips for consecutive weeks.

Riders can sign up for the following teams to support their corresponding non-profit organizations here:

– Gold Team: Alliance for Biking and Walking

– Red Team: Trips for Kids

– Blue Team: Alliance for Climate Education

“This year we’re offering people the chance to do twice the good on every single ride,” said Lauren Hatfield, lifestyle experience manager at Clif Bar & Company. “By joining a 2 Mile Challenge team and trading their cars for bikes on short trips, riders can reduce harmful carbon emissions in their own communities and help non-profits educate and serve larger communities across the country.”

2 Mile Challenge reps will be present in CLIF BAR booths at film festivals, concerts and other outdoor and environment-focused events across the country this summer encouraging people to join the ride.Those who join can stay in touch and challenge others to ride through Facebook postings and team Twitter accounts.

To further engage bike riding and educate on climate change, CLIF has created 2 Mile Challenge partnerships with various print and online media, including GOOD, Daily Mile and others. 2 Mile Challenge messages will appear on their websites, Facebook pages and blogs, in their subscriber email campaigns and in some print issues throughout the summer.