Keep Jumbo Wild! Help Protect Grizzly Bear Habitat in B.C.

Jumbo Pass 

Jumbo Glacier Club, the proposed recreational city and year-round ski resort, would severely impact grizzly and other wildlife that live in the Jumbo Valley by fragmenting a crucial piece of one of North America's most important wildlife corridors. By blocking access to the Purcell Conservancy, this development could lead to reduced populations of at-risk grizzlies.

As year-round ski resorts suffer due to warming temperatures, proponents of the Jumbo Glacier Club see a profitable opportunity in Jumbo Valley's high-elevation glacier. However, development of the area could speed glacial melting, disrupting river flows in the Columbia Basin. 

Citizens of nearby Kootenay have been protesting development for twenty years. In addition to wildlife and environmental concerns, citizens have argued that in our increasingly developed world, the pristine state of Jumbo Valley is a rarity worth protecting.

The B.C. government will make a decision regarding Jumbo Glacier Club soon. Take a minute and use your voice! Send a letter to support wild Jumbo here.