CLIF Bar and Winter Wildlands Alliance Partner Up To Strengthen The Voices of Backcountry Skiers and Snowshoers

CLIF Bar and WWA

For the last five years, the partnership between Winter Wildlands Alliance (WWA) and CLIF Bar has been strengthening the voices of backcountry skiers, snowshoers and others who enjoy quiet winter recreation. 

This partnership goes above and beyond; providing in-kind product for partners and events, cash sponsorship of outreach activities and awareness raising through joint marketing campaigns. 

This is a true partnership – two organizations working side-by-side to make a difference in the opportunities available for winter recreation and protecting the places we play.

CLIF Bar's Meet the Moment Campaign, an interactive community-driven initiative encouraging CLIF Bar fans to share photos of their defining" moments" , raised awareness of Winter Wildlands Alliance, funds for the organization and culminated in a Day of Action to benefit winter recreation opportunities for two key wilderness areas.   CLIF Bar employees, Winter Wildlands staff and local volunteers joined forces to work on the Winter Wilderness Stewardship Project, an effort to promote a better backcountry experience for all winter travelers.  The crew got their hands dirty, digging sign-post holes, marking boundaries and installing educational kiosks at trailheads near Idaho's Jedediah Smith Wilderness and Winegar Hole Wilderness.  On a single day, the group racked up 216 hours of volunteers hours – all in the effort to help protect the places we play, in the wintertime.

CLIF Bar also contributes to the Winter Wildlands Alliance through their 1% for the Planet membership and through the membership in The Conservation Alliance – which has granted $165,000 to Winter Wildlands Alliance over the past eleven years.

CLIF bar has also highlighted their relationship with Winter Wildlands Alliance at the point of sale to help raise awareness of their efforts to protect wildlands for winter recreation. Throughout the Fall seasons of both 2011 and 2012, 1% of net sales proceeds of the CLIF Bar Seasonal energy bars directly support WWA.

CLIF Bar is also the top sponsor of the Winter Wildlands Alliance Backcountry Film Festival, a winter themed film series that travels to more than 80 locations each year, raising funds for grassroots organization working in their local communities to preserve our winter environment.

CLIF Bar is a true partner in the work of Winter Wildlands Alliance and their efforts are apparent in the success seen by the work of Winter Wildlands Alliance.

"We are a more effective organization because of CLIF Bar's partnership and support" says Mark Menlove, Executive Director, Winter Wildlands Alliance. "They are critical to the work that we do, the people we reach, and the protection of our winter wild places."