Take Action Tuesday: Save the Thompson Divide

In central Colorado, there is a place you don't see on many postcards. It hides in the shadows of more famous tourist destinations like the Maroon Bells.  The Thompson Divide area may be less known, but it is classic Colorado high-country and as important as any of its neighboring postcard destinations.

The Conservation Alliance has funded the Thompson Divide Coalition for efforts to protect the Thompson Divide, 220,000 acres of pristine backcountry in the White River National Forest, from future oil and gas leasing, and to resolve existing leases through expiration or purchase.

The Divide lies directly in the path of advancing oil and gas development. The area is beloved in its natural state – as a recreational playground, a renowned hunting area, summer range for some 35 different ranching operations, and the source of the region's agricultural and drinking water – and there is essentially unanimous community support for keeping it drill-rig-free.

U.S. Senator Michael Bennet has joined the effort to protect this untouched landscape, and has introduced legislation to permanently protect the Thompson Divide from future oil and gas leasing.

Please sign the letter thanking Senator Bennet for introducing The Thompson Divide Withdrawal and Protection Act and sign on as a citizen co-sponsor today.

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Click here to learn more at the Thompson Divide.

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